Lecturer: Cemil Kuzey

Fatih University

Various Statistics topics for an undergrad level will be included during the Erasmus Teaching Mobility program. First of all, the correlation analysis will be covered in order to understand bivariate relationship between two variables. The significance level, number of observation as well as the coefficient correlations will be thoroughly studied with varies real live examples. Following correlations analysis, the simple regression analysis will be shown. The definition of MODEL and the ERROR TERM will be clarified. Later, the estimation of the coefficient will be found using examples. Moreover, the required condition of the regression analysis will be listed. Model assessment based on sum of squares of  errors (SSE) will be covered. Testing the slope is important to show by implementing test statistics. The coefficient of determination will be interpreted. Using regression equation, the point prediction as well as prediction interval will be studied.
In the next part of the program, the multiple regression analysis will be covered. The similar procedures with extra approaches will be studied in detail such as interpreting the coefficients, Durbin Watson statistics.
Finally, various questions will be selected to be applied using either STATA, SPSS or Excel. These are popular softwares and they will be very useful for questions that has very large data sets.