Lecturer: Onur Tutulmaz

Hitit University

Sustainable development is an interdisciplinary area that is assumed as being the intersection of economy, ecology and society concepts. Environmental problems have generally been regarded as the constraints for the economic development by the mainstream economics. A heterodox attempt tries to see with a holistic perspective and stress the sustainability features of the sustainable development.
In this lecture starting to define the economy in this holistic view, we will look at its relationship with the ecology and we will introduce some of the important concepts from recent literature as space ship economy and macro ecosystems. We will conclude the lecture introducing and defining the main macro ecosystem services.
The main topics that will be covered in the lecture are:
- The sustainable development concept
- Economics as the subsystem of the ecology
- Ecological economic perspective
- Macroeconomic systems of sustainable development/sustainability (economic circle approach, global service production and IS-LM-EC model)
- Macro ecosystem services.